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Discretion is the best precondition for an optimum development of therapy.

The CALDA Practice does not recognise any references. Discretion is one of my top rules. Furthermore, I do not confirm or comment on any word-of-mouth advertising and do not keep any client lists. I do not publish any letters of gratitude or recommendation, even if I have consent to do so. I do not even publish any letters of gratitude anonymously, as the content could be falsified.

Switzerland is well-known for its reserve, discretion and safety. My provisions are accordingly consistent. My security and discretion concept is based on the following obligations and measures:

  • Doctors are subject to professional confidentiality. (Swiss Criminal Code Article 321, Health Act Articles 27 and 28)
  • Since my clients are self-payers, no files are created with third-party societies such as health insurance companies.
  • Electronic correspondence is encrypted through an IT security concept.