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The CALDA Concept stands outside the health insurance systems. The majority of my clients are self-payers, which is what makes absolute discretion and secrecy possible.

The value of this considerable effort for you lies in the preservation or restoration of your most important asset, namely your mental and physical health.

For further detailed information, please look at the terms and conditions and in the CALDA Orthomolecular Package.

  • The costs per session start at CHF 600.-
  • The CALDA Orthomolecular Package costs CHF 26,000.-


Consultation fees must be settled directly after the appointment, you may pay either with cash or credit card.

A detailed invoice statement will be provided on a monthly basis, for clients who require such for their health insurance provider.

For inpatient programs, please go to the CALDA Clinic page.

In 2003, in light of political developments over several previous years, I decided to withdraw my services as a medical practitioner and psychotherapist in the public health service context (KVG Article 44). I now operate a private medical practice where private consultation rates are charged.

For my patients this means that the costs arising from outpatient treatment may not be covered by public health insurance. Private outpatient health insurers only offer coverage according to their contractual terms and conditions.
For this reason I recommend that you verify your coverage options with your health insurance provider in advance to ensure that your treatment can be financed. You should request written confirmation from your health insurance provider stating to what extent they will cover the costs involved. Coaching and Mental training are of course outside of this context and are therefore not covered by health insurance. In my experience, the details of health insurance services offered are subject to change and should therefore be treated as a guideline.

I firmly believe in the future of health services offered by highly qualified personnel. This simply cannot be delivered in a cut-price or mediocre fashion.

“Mediocrity condemns all who try to rise above it” Udo Bürger 1959