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The resources of psychiatry consist of empirical medicine and innovative research results. The individual success depends on the sensible design of the individual measures.

Integrative precision medicine is interdisciplinary and the future. I have an international network of highly qualified specialists. I combine conventional medicine, orthomolecular medicine with lifestyle medicine and through this benefit from a limitless wealth of experience. My ability is based on knowledge, talent, experience and techniques. Through the combination, ability turns into the art, which delivers optimum results.


When working on an individual holistic treatment concept I consult diverse techniques from multiple disciplines of medicine. It is important that every step supports the entire process efficiently as part of the whole. The combination of measures leads to a useful compaction and catalysis. The basis for a successful therapy, in addition to the professionality of the therapist, is the trusting therapeutic relationship.


Every step that we take together will be discussed in depth with you, this is the mantra which is omnipresent throughout the therapeutic process and indeed each step will only be undertaken with your full consent. You will be fully informed of my diagnostic evaluations. After between three to five sessions, we will take time to evaluate and reflect on where we are, what we have achieved and in which direction we want to proceed. Our goals will be re-examined and redefined if necessary.